*B E A U T I F U L * B A L A Y A G E*

By Kelly Davis.

My client, Jasmine, came in wanting to give her hair a new lease of life! And, I’m sure you will agree, that is exactly what we did!

Grown out highlights lacking tone and shine.

After a thorough consultation I decided we needed to a) clean up her existing blonde ends and b) give her more of a blended natural root area while still sticking with a darker root.

I decided to use balayage technique to create this result.

After carrying out an all important strand test, in order to determine the current strength and condition of Jasmine’s hair, we found the previously highlighted ends were not strong enough to lighten up any further. So, instead we used a very gentle cleansing emulsion to refresh her existing blonde and remove any brassy tones, while preventing any damage. To further help with damage limitation, Olaplex was used throughout to maintain strength in Jasmine’s hair

After the cleanse the next stage was to balayage the root area. To create this, each section was backcombed a little at the root and a lightener was then applied, sweeping up to the root.

Balayage is French for ‘sweep’ and this is what creates that soft natural blend.

To finish, Jasmine’s hair was styled with soft curls to really show off that shine and the beautiful seamless technique that is balayage!

Product prescription: * Milkshake Moisture Plus Shampoo and Conditioner - this range gives softness and manageability to the hair, whilst giving it the balance of moisture it needs! * Milkshake Incredible Milk - a leave in treatment which aids repair, prevents split ends, protects from heat styling and UV rays, leaving the hair magnificently shiny!

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